Global Hydraulic Winch Market Worth $ 411 Million by 2019

Date: 2016-09-11

Hydraulic winches are compact, modular designs intended to be used in general utility lifting and pulling applications. They are made of cast iron and steel for durability and toughness. Hydraulic winch includes Electric Winch and Hydraulic Winch on the base of classification, which represent 53% and 31% of global hydraulic winch market.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two for anyone who needs to be brought up to speed: Electric Winches An electric winch is exactly as its name would suggest: it is electrically powered by a vehicle’s battery, and as a result its duty cycle is limited by the amount of juice in your battery. Oftentimes, it is wise to run your engine while operating an electric winch to prevent your battery from fully draining.

Hydraulic Winches A hydraulic winch is powered by a vehicle’s power steering pump. What this means is that they are capable of an extended, seemingly endless duty cycle for longer pulls and a persistent flow of pulling power.

Road & bridge, marine and mining are the main application of hydraulic winch product and North American is the largest hydraulic winch market on production and consumption.

Global hydraulic winch market is projected to reach $ 411 Million by 2019, with a GAGR of 3.7%from 2015, and Asia will have a big dynamic momentum on the market growth. The major players in the global hydraulic winch market are Fukushima, Manabe Zoki, TWG, Paccar Winch, Cargotec, Huisman etc.


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