Global Energy Drink Market Will Grow At A CAGR Of Approximately 8.6%

Date: 2016-09-11

An energy drink is a type of beverage containing stimulant drugs, chiefly caffeine, which is marketed as providing mental and physical stimulation. They may or may not be carbonated and many also contain sugar or other sweeteners, herbal extracts and amino acids. They are a subset of the larger group of energy products, which includes bars and gels, and distinct from sports drinks, which are advertised to enhance sports performance. There are many brands and varieties of energy drinks. Energy drinks are chiefly consumed by sports persons, athletes, and those leading a hectic lifestyle in a bid to replenish their energy levels, and experience physical (and often mental) stimulation.

The energy drink market prospect is considerable, and it will grow at a CAGR of approximately 8.6% in the next five years. In 2015, North America is the energy drink largest market, followed by Asia-Pacific.

Global Energy Drink Market Share, by Region, 2015


Global Energy Drink Market Share, by Competitors in the market, 2020


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