Global Encryption Software Market is Expected to Reach $2.16 Billion by 2020

Date: 2015-06-11

global encryption software market is expected to reach $2.16 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 14.27% during 2014 – 2020. Software based encryption is gaining prominence as one of the end point security solutions, as it is increasingly being adopted by the organizations worldwide. With data protection and data privacy compliance becoming a high priority, organizations have started viewing encryption as an enabler to achieve compliance and data security and at the same time mitigate the data breach risks associated with the adoption of advanced technologies, particularly cloud services and mobility.From the application perspective, encryption is used across all the industries to secure both data-at-rest (data stored in data stored in files/folders and disks); and data-in-transit (email messages travelling over the network). The adoption of software-based encryption for protecting data-at-rest is higher as compared to the adoption of the same for data-in-transit. Data-at-rest encryption software accounts for approx. 93.5% of the total encryption software market by value. For data-at-rest, the two most commonly used encryption software methods include Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and File Level Encryption (FLE), with Full Disk Encryption software being the most widely deployed method for protecting data against theft and ensuring compliance with the data privacy and data breach notification laws. Full Disk Encryption is preferred over the File Level Encryption, primarily due to the two major advantages such as ease of deployment and management and complete security.

Presently, software based encryption enjoys the highest adoption in the Financial Services sector with a growing acceptance in the Healthcare Sector. Financial sector accounts for approximately 44% of global encryption software market amongst all the other industries. Entities operating in the sector are mandated by the data privacy regulations to adopt effective security measures in their organization and need to ensure that the personally identifiable data (PII) of the customers is protected from any unauthorized or unintended disclosure/access.

Within the Data-at-rest encryption software market, Software- based Full Disk Encryption (FDE) holds the majority share vis-脿-vis File Level Encryption (FLE), with FDE expected to be the more widely adopted technology in 2020

Based on the geographic analysis, North America presently is and would continue to be the highest revenue-generating region, throughout 2014 – 2020. However, the growth would be higher in the developing regions particularly APAC .

The use of Encryption software is most widespread in the Finance Sector, which is presently largest contributor i.e. approx. 44% to the total Encryption Software Revenue.


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