Global Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Market is expected to reach USD 3.4 billion by 2021

Date: 2016-09-12

EVSE stands for electric vehicle supply equipment and its function is to supply electric energy to recharge electric vehicles. EVSEs are also known as EV charging stations, electric recharging points or just charging points. EVSEs can provide a charge for the operation of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric-gasoline vehicles.

The U.S. and Japan lead for public charge points by volume, with both countries enjoying strong sales for both residential and commercial EVSE. However, The U.S. lags both Japan and China in terms of EVSE market value because of a weak fast DC charger segment. China and Japan are the top countries for the fast DC segment with over 970 and 800 installed, respectively, as of the end of 2011. China is the next largest EVSE market, but lacks residential sales as most EVSE sold in China to date have been charging points and battery swapping charging systems for charging stations used by fleets and taxis. Europe is also a strong EVSE market, accounting for 21% of global EVSE sales by market value in 2011. Even though France and Germany lead PEV sales, it is Germany and the UK that have the largest public charging infrastructure networks.

PEV prices are still limiting electric vehicle adoption and, by extension, the EVSE market. The PEV market will continue to be the main driver behind global EVSE sales, followed by government incentives for both PEV and EVSE. Assuming governments maintain their financial support over the next decade and PEV prices continue to decline, there will be a cumulative 3.3 million charging points worldwide in 2016 and 16.9 million in 2021. EVSE sales will reach $3.4 billion by 2021, selling over 4.1 million charging points. The U.S. and Japan will continue to lead the EVSE market. Despite the higher cost of the equipment, SBI Energy sees the fast DC charger segment having the fastest growth rate in the EVSE market over the next decade.

Some of the major players include ABB (Germany), AeroVironment (U.S.), ClipperCreek (U.S.), EATON (U.S.), SIEMENS (Germany) and so on.

Global Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Market Size, Growth Rate (%), 2016-2021


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