Global Dyestuff Intermediate Demand was Over One 1 Million Tons in 2014

Date: 2015-09-24

Dye intermediates are petroleum downstream products, which are further
processed for any application. On processing they are transformed to finished
dyes and pigments. The dye intermediates serve many industries like textiles,
plastics, paints, printing inks and paper.


After decades of development, the global dyestuff intermediate has a
great quantity of types, approximately 1000 species, but top 200 of dyestuff
intermediate accounts for 80% of whole market, the benzene series & the
naphthalene series are the most popular in the consumption market, hit 76% of
total consumption market, and this market status may keep stable in following


In recently 10 years, the global dyestuff intermediate demand has grown
steadily. During 2006-2009, the global demand and production of dyestuff
intermediate had some fluctuation at around 0.8 million tons per year, but
along with the global economy warmed up progressively, the figure of demand for
dyestuff intermediate was 0.9 million tons in 2010, and it continued to grow a
little bit in 2011-2014, in 2014, the global total demand over one million
tons, and estimated 105 tons in 2015.


From a global aspect, the main market competition was among counties in
Asia, leading by China and India. Compare to India, China has a dominated
advantage in market share, over double size of market share than India. In the advantages
of that, China has a relative mature market, which boosts a group of dyestuff
intermediate manufacturers with international

Short list of top dyestuff intermediate producers in China:


Official website


Chuyuan Group


Jihua Group









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