Global and Chinese Financial Equipment Marke Analysis

Date: 2015-09-24

As the special equipment for financial service, the financial equipment has characters of high systemization, integration, specialty in application fields, and universality. Modern financial equipments combined fine mechanics, electronic technology, electromagnetic technology and automatic control technology.

With the progress of technology and financial innovation, obviously the financial equipments will deeply interact with new technologies, which to match banks’ networking, intellectualization, and self service. 

The Global Overview
Currently, the global financial equipment developed rapidly; there is steady growth in the developed countries, and speed growth in developing counties. In 2013, the global financial equipment market was approximately $195.4 billion, 2.38 times large compare to $82 billion in 2008. In the coming years, it is easy to predict that the circulating quantity of money of developing countries will upsurge worldwide, furthermore, more and more counties invested in combating with false money, under this circumstance, the global financial equipment still has potential growth space.
The Chinese market
In 2013, the Chinese financial equipment market reached $36.7 billion, 3.43 times large compare to 2008. The estimation for 2015 is $43.2 billion by 7.3% growth rates.


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