Germany is the Biggest Market of Sprayed Concrete in Europe

Date: 2015-09-23

“Shotcrete/sprayed concrete is a specialty concrete material applied by spraying through a sealed, pressure-resistant hose or pipe. Shotcrete is a cost-effective method for applying concrete as formwork is not required. Shotcrete exhibits certain properties, such as high strength, low permeability, and high durability that make it superior to poured concrete. It can be used in a wide variety of constructions particularly those which are free formed, such as swimming pools, landscaping, zoo structures, and theme parks. It is also used in new construction, underground construction, water retaining structures, protective coatings, and strengthening and repair. 

Globally, Europe is the leader of the sprayed concrete market with respect to demand as well as production capacity, and is witnessing steady growth due to the increasing demand for underground transportation. Germany is the biggest market of sprayed concrete in Europe, and accounted for 19.5% share of the European market in 2014. 
Extensive usage of advanced shotcrete processes, such as wet-mix and dry-mix concrete process for high output capacity, concrete repairs, and preliminary sealing against water in leakages.

Various raw materials used in shotcrete mix design include cement, aggregates, additives (fly-ash, silica-fume), fibers, admixtures (accelerator, plasticizer, and retarder), and water. In dry-mix process, water is added at the nozzle while spraying. The water flow can be controlled manually by nozzleman based on the surface of application. In wet-mix process, ready-mix concrete is used where air is added at the nozzle for stream control. 

It also includes the company profiles and competitive strategies adopted by different market players, including BASF SE (Germany), Sika AG (Switzerland), Heidelberg Cement AG (Germany), Cemex S.A.B. De C.V. (Mexico), Fox Industries Inc. (U.S.), Strata Worldwide LLC (U.S.), KPM Industries Ltd (Canada), Custom-Crete Inc. (U.S.), The Euclid Chemical Company (U.S.), Unibeton Ready Mix L.L.C. (UAE), Thiessen Team USA Inc. (U.S.), Multicrete Systems Inc. (Canada), Conmix Ltd (UAE), LKAB Berg & Betong AB (Sweden), Minerals Technologies Inc. (U.S.), Prestige Concrete Products (U.S.), Quikrete Companies Inc. (U.S.), and IPA Systems Inc. (U.S.).


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