Four Main Process Methods of Graphene

Date: 2016-02-22

Common the preparation of graphene methods include Mechanical peeling method, Redox method, SiC Epitaxial Growth method and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Table 1 Comparison of four kinds of preparation methods





Mechanical Peeling

A method that use friction between the object and the graphene to obtain graphene sheet material

Simple operat, graphene obtained usually kept intact crystal structure

Sheet obtained is small and production efficiency is low


A method that put graphite to oxide and then be separated by physical methods, finally revert by the chemical method and obtain graphene

Simple operat, high yield

Product quality is lower

SiC Epitaxial Growth

In high temperature environment of the ultra-high vacuum, put Carbon atom recombination to obtain graphene based on the SiC substrate

Can obtain high-quality graphene

This method requires higher of device


CVD is the most likely to achieve industrialization and prepare high quality, large-area graphene method

Graphene prepared by this method has a large area and high quality features

Higher costs at this stage, the process conditions should be also further improved

Source: Internet, Gos Research Center, Jan. 2016

Figure 7 2014 market share for various preparation methods of Graphene

Titanium Alloys Market

Source: Gos Research Center, Jan. 2016


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