Fluorine Chemical Industry Expected To Grow 68% By Next 5 Years In China

Date: 2015-12-03

The products of fluorine chemical have excellent performances in chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistant, anti-aging, low friction, and insulation; they were widely applied in spaceflight, shipbuilding, chemical industry, machinery and so on. In recent years, thanks to the technology development and growth of demand, the fluorine chemical started to penetrate into the new business areas from the traditional applications such as electronics, energy, environmental protection, biological medicine, etc, in the circumstance, the demand of fluororesin, fluororubber, fluorocarbon paint, and other fine chemicals with fluorine have increased continually. 

Fluorine chemical is based on fluorite resource, China is the largest fluorite resource in the world, where has approximately 260 million tons, accounts for two third of world fluorite resource, it also was considered as one of 7 rare resources by Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources.

Currently, over one thousand companies are engaged in manufacturing fluorine chemical in China, have 5 million tons of manufacture capacity, produce over 3.5 million tons every year, account to 50% of global production, furthermore, the capacity of production in main fluorine chemical products still maintain two-digit positive growth, and hydrofluoric acid, aluminum fluoride, Teflon, HCFCs, and HFCs are leading the production respectively in the world. Also, China consumes 15% of global fluorine chemical products with a triple averaging consumption growth rate of the world.

However, in China, most of fluorine chemical products are PTFE and fluoride salt, in the high-end products, such as fine fluoride chemical and high-end fluororesin, still have a large lag compare with developed countries. The key part is high-end fluorine chemical products have much more profit margin than basic fluorine chemical products, and that is the essence of fluorine chemical industry.

Compare fluorine chemical products structure between China and US, EU, Japan.


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