Export Volumes of Glyphosate Technical and Glyphosate Formulations Decreased by 18.63% and 17.68% in May Respectively

Date: 2015-08-11

“Along with Lier Chemical’s 1,000 t/a glufosinate-ammonium technical project enters trail production, glufosinate-ammonium, as competitive product of glyphosate, will help the company increase competitiveness in the market. 

Sichuan Hebang plans to invest USD90 million in Stockton Group in cash, holding 51% of equity in Stockton Group. On 14 July, 2015, Sichuan Hebang completed the first deal of equity investment of USD30 million to Stockon Group. It is the first time for Sichuan Hebang to conduct overseas acquisition and lay out the field for high-end agricultural products. This overseas investment marks that Sichuan Hebang will edge itself among the globally advanced enterprises for biopesticides and biological veterinary drugs.

Jiangsu Huifeng plans to become Shijiazhuang Ruikai’s shareholder with investment of USD43.99 million (RMB263 million) to further strengthen its status in the technical market for bulk herbicides.

In H1 2011 -H1 2015, China’s glyphosate industry encountered a price cycle, from a low point in H1 2011 to the other low point in H1 2015.

Due to the high volatility in the Chinese stock market, major listed glyphosate enterprises are attempting stabilize their stock prices by implementing measures.

As of July 2015, no company has achieved large-scale production and sales of non-AS paraquat. Nevertheless, Shandong Luba disclosed that its 50% paraquat SG will be launched onto the market in 201 6. Besides, QR codes will be added on the packages.

In H1 2015, there were 53 new registrations on glyphsoate related products in China, including 9 registrations on mixed formulations.

One of the feasible ways to cope with glyphosate-resistant weeds is to apply glyphosate mixed formulations. In this article, CCM will introduce two glyphosate mixed formulations and their production technologies.

This article will introduce a production method concerning using glyphosate mother liquor to produce 30% glyphosate AS, which was from Huainan Normal University.

In this article, CCM will introduce the preparation method and application of EPSP synthase gene AroA-RI from Rhizobium leguminosarum, by Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Generally speaking, the ex-works price of glyphosate technical decreased by 7.54% month on month while the changes of the ex-works price of glyphosate formulations were different in the first half of July 2015 compared with that in June 2015. 

Compared to April 2015, the export volumes of glyphosate technical and glyphosate formulations decreased by 18.63% and 17.68% in May respectively. In terms of export price, glyphosate technical decreased by 2.48% while that of glyphosate formulations increased by 1.04% in May 2015 month on month.

In July 2015, China’s stock market suffers large fluctuation. Dragged down by the slumping stock price, stock prices of most listed glyphosate enterprises also decline greatly, resulting in shrinking market value of their stocks. Zhejiang Wynca, Nantong Jiangshan and Jiangsu Yangnong all take measures to retrieve public confidence in order to stabilize the stock prices. The measures mainly include trading suspension of stock, capital or share holding increment of shareholders in a certain time, equity incentive plans and so on. However, in H1 2015, China’s glyphosate industry remained stagnant all the time, with continually declining technical price. This put huge sales pressure on most of enterprises. Some technical manufacturers suspend their production and those under operation have to reduce operating rate. The sluggish glyphosate market and the slumping Chinese stock force some enterprise to seek new profit growth point. For instance, Sichuan Hebang acquires Stockton Group, hoping to make considerable earnings from biopesticide business. Jiangsu Huifeng acquires Shijiazhuang Kairui, expecting to make high profits from when sharing the markets of paraquat and glyphosate by developing glufosinate-ammonium. Lier Chemical also further advances the capacity expansion plan of glufosinate-ammonium, so as to grab the development opportunity in the future.

The USD/RMB exchange rate in this issue is USD1.00=RMB6.1149 on 1 July, 2015, sourced from the People’s Bank ofChina. All the prices mentioned in this report will include the VATunless otherwise specified


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