Explosion Proof Equipment In Automation & Control Systems Market: By Type (Control Panels, Enclosures, Lighting, VFD, Material Handling Systems) By End User (Oil & Gas, Mining, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals) Forecast (2015 – 2020)

Date: 2016-01

“The Term Explosion refers to an unanticipated rise in the energy (chemical, mechanical or nuclear) of the system in an unbridled way accompanied by increase in temperature and release of gases. There are high possibilities of an explosion occurring in these industries due to technical glitches or the presence of explosive materials and such places are betokened as “hazardous zones”.

To prevent such explosions from occurring several types of protection measures are adopted while designing products for chemical, electrical, mechanical or nuclear use in such hazardous areas. Such Equipments are termed as being explosion-proof equipment.

Explosion Proof equipment does not mean that products will be able to withstand any explosion; instead it means that either the products will contain the source of explosion within its housings built specially for such purposes, or altogether prevent the explosion from happening by adopting certain prevention measures. Explosion proof equipment is not only required for electrical products, mechanical or non-electrical products do require these equipment as friction, hot surfaces cause ignition and lead to abominable damage. The overall market size in automation and control systems currently stands at $728.4m in 2014, and is forecast to cross the $1 billion mark by 2020.

The Explosion Proof equipment has been fragmented into different segments such as Equipment groups, the type of protection offered and by end user industry and more. The market was analyzed in detail considering all segments of components such as actuating systems, control panels; variable frequency drives and so on.

The Explosion Proof Equipment has also been Chunked Into Four Geographies That Are:
North America
South America
Europe and
Middle East as well as few regions of Africa
The report discusses the different protection principles along with the different standards and certifications present in the market for products being manufactured. The market has been analyzed based on the flammable substances and explosive characteristics areas too. Importantly, 11 key product segments were identified and analyzed in the report.

These include Cable Glands, Power Generation and Distribution Systems, Junction Boxes And Enclosures, Lifting Systems, Material Handling Systems, Panel Boards, Switches And Sockets, Surveillance And Monitoring Systems, Signaling Systems And Switchgears.

Explosion proof equipment are used in almost all industry verticals like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, grain processing, oil and gas, petrochemicals etc. for the protection of different types of machinery.

The report aims to uncover the equipment and its components being used in the industries today, the revenue such equipment generate and also the geographic analysis of the market will be done to provide an in-depth understanding of the market for ex-equipment in the non-electrical segment.

This report intends to provide a comprehensive competitive landscape for each of the product types and Company Profiles of the Key Market Players with Attributes of:
Company Overview
Financial Overview
Business Strategies
Product Portfolio and
Recent Developments will also be provided.”


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