Dynavolt Power has Continuously Expanded its Business into Power Generation/Storage based on Clean Energy and Alternative Energy Vehicle

Date: 2015-08-09

“The development of Li-ion battery industry strongly relies on resources and technology. The breakthrough made by Qinghai Lithium in key technology for the industrialization of battery-grade lithium carbonate enables the effective combination of resources and technology. This will accelerate the industry development and promote the upgrading of business structure.

After the acquisition of Western Resources Lithium, Ganfeng Lithium will have the mining right of Heyuan Spodumene Deposit and the lithium resources directly supplied by Heyuan Spodumene Deposit can meet the demand for Ganfeng Lithium鈥檚 development. The layout in lithium industry chain will be more completed, which will strengthen the long-term competitiveness of Ganfeng Lithium.

On 25 March, 2015, catastrophic flood attacked Atacama and Antofagasta, 2 regions with centralized lithium resources in northern Chile, which impacted the normal production of local lithium industry and seriously influenced the supply of lithium raw materials to the world.

In April 2015, GEM and Samsung SDI signed an agreement to jointly explore Li-ion battery market. This will enable GEM to couple with the international market regarding technology, to develop and expand its international business and to improve its profitability and core competitiveness. Meanwhile, Samsung SDI will be favored to complete the layout in China for its Li-ion battery business.

In mid-April 2015, CNITECH announced that progress was achieved in the R&D of new fluorine-enriched binder for Li-ion battery and the industrialized application was proceeding. This R&D achievement will help enterprises to improve the performance of Li-ion batteries and boost the industry development.

In April 2015, BTR signed a cooperation agreement with REG in an attempt to integrate upstream mineral resources and develop graphite deep-processing business. CCM believes that this will give support to BTR in improving its position and competitiveness in Li-ion battery anode material segment.

In April 2015, First New Energy announced to strive for being the top 1 supplier of ternary 18650 power Li-ion battery in the globe, based on the accelerated development of downstream alternative energy vehicle industry. However, CCM believes that Chinese suppliers will encounter big challenges despite new opportunities.

In late April, 2015, Guangzhou-based Great Power announced to officially go listed. This signified its determination to further development based on Li-ion battery business. However, CCM believes that challenges and risks will face the firm when it further explores premium application fields.

In recent years, Dynavolt Power has continuously expanded its business into power generation/storage based on clean energy, and alternative energy vehicle. In April 2015, it joined hands with Tongji Automotive to launch a BEV concept car. 

Meanwhile, it set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to focus on power Li-ion battery field, which will solidify the foundation for the development of the alternative energy vehicle business.

In April 2015, Do-Fluoride released its Q1 financial report, in which both revenue and net profit recorded YoY rises. Specifically, the Li-ion battery business based on its LiPF6 technology made the largest contribution. This indicated that Do-Fluoride has made achievement from its transformation and upgrading and has gradually stepped out of the depression caused by the traditional fluoride salt market.”

“In April 2015, CCM found that a strong upturn was showed in the battery-grade lithium carbonate market, mainly because of the stable and strong downstream demand and the decreased supply. In March, Chile, a major supplier for lithium resources in the globe, suffered from flood, which then led to the setbacks in the circulation of lithium resources and the deconstruction of related exploitation devices. SQM, the largest lithium carbonate producer in the world announced the business suspension in northern Chile, so as to avoid the damages brought by the rainstorms and following flood.

In addition, technology for ternary materials, such as NCM and NCA began to capture attention in downstream EV market. This is a threat to the LFP technology which has played a dominant role in the market for years.

As the alternative energy vehicle industry gradually strengthens the demand for performance improvement, like increases in driving range and decreases in charge frequency, the mainstream LFP power battery is disadvantaged for its backward performance. Meanwhile, the energy density of LFP power battery cannot reach the standards specified by the Chinese government in the index requirements released in February 2015.

By contrast, power Li-ion battery based on ternary materials has higher energy density. This enables it to meet the state-level requirements and to equip vehicle with longer driving range. Hence, it begins to be widely accepted by downstream markets.
According to CCM research, altogether 103 alternative energy vehicles were exhibited at the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition held on 22 April, 2015, 7.70% of the total vehicles exhibited. Of this, most of the China-made ones were found to be installed with ternary power Li-ion battery instead of LFP power battery.”


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