Dynamometer Product & Services Market

Date: 2016-05

The global dynamometer market growth is directly proportional to the increase in the industrial activity of its end users. Most of the revenue in this industry is generated by providing dynamometer based services for testing, researching and maintaining automotive, aerospace and power equipment such as turbines, generators, motors, engines, power trains, pumps, compressors. Rest of the contribution is made by kinesiology and machining industry.
Considering after sales service in automotive industry intended for maintenance of cars is rapidly growing at the rate of 23% annually all over the world. Considering USA and Europe mature markets, the need for maintenance of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles is overwhelming. Customers in these regions are looking for regular service of their vehicles rather than buying a new one owing to the current struggling economy.
With the strict laws coming up for noise and emission control from vehicles a new field is being created called as NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harness) where the design of engine and power train in a vehicle are continuously modified and upgraded. Hence the only device available to validate the improved performance parameters is a dynamometer. Moreover with the era of electric vehicles emerging up, dynamometers will become an indispensable part of its developmental facilities.
The world is now looking up for non-conventional power sources such as Wind Power that has resulted in a lot of research and developments in this particular area. The designs of wind turbines and generators are consistently improved upon for better efficiency and reducing power costs on the basis of results achieved by dynamometer testing. The Asia Pacific and South America are flat growing markets for setting up dynamometer facilities for testing the wind turbine equipment.
The fast paced and stressful environment in the recent years have made humans more prone to muscle and bone injuries. The Kinesiology, one of the significant areas of Healthcare services forms 15% of the world market. It regularly employs small scale dynamometers for measuring human performance. Biodex has started to manufacture Robotic Dynamometers for continuously monitoring the patient’s physical performance.
The Machining/Cutting Tool Industry is on rise due to a rapid demand for complex machining operations that requires high precision tools. To measure their parameters output in all the axial directions small multi component dynamometers are attached to them. Kistler is the major player in dynamic measurement devices in machining operations and has announced its expansion of German Division owing to the continuous growth in demand for high end measuring tools.


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