Drug Delivery Market

Date: 2016-05

Drug Delivery devices are specialized technology for control and targeted release of drug. Drugs are being long used to improve health and extend lives since ages. The practice of drug delivery has changes dramatically in the last few decades. With Drug Delivery devices, medication discovered using the most advanced molecular biology strategies and having unacceptable side effects dues to drug interaction with parts of the body that are not target of drugs can be avoided. Drug delivery systems control the rate at which a drug is released and the target in the body where it is released. Side effect limits our ability to treat many diseases like neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and infectious diseases; it is possible now with drug delivery devices.

Administration of drug locally rather than systemically is a way to reduce side effect and drug toxicity and obtain maximum treatment impact. Application of ointment locally and injection of steroid to avoid joint pain are the few older ways to systemic delivery, there can be other ways to deliver drug systemically but some medications can be given only systemically. Here the role of drug delivery device comes into play.

In this report different market aspects are explored with particular focus on key market drivers, challenges, constraints and market landscape. The Global market has been thoroughly analyzed and carefully segmented by geographic locations based on major economic and topographical regions.

The market for Drug Delivery Technologies is classified into several categories based on technology, applications and end users.

Insulin Pen & Pump is the biggest revenue generating segment by type of technology used.

Major market players are profiled along with company overview, financial status, business strategies, product portfolio, recent trends and developments.

The prominent players profiled in this report are:
Abbott Laboratories
Thermo Fischer Scientific
The report details current market potential and future market growth in this industry. Overall the report contains the most detailed and in depth segmentation and analysis of the Global Drug Delivery Technology Market during the forecast period 2015-2020.


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