Clinical Information System Market

Date: 2016-05

A computerized system that stores, assembles, and organizes all the medical information to ensure sophisticate and efficient management of clinical data is widely known as Clinical Information System (CIS). CIS keeps electronic record of patient聮s health history, prescriptions, dictations, and doctors comments in a hospital repository and can be made available anytime. Nowadays, most of the clinics and hospitals prefer using CIS to reduce chances of errors and to maintain patient聮s privacy. Moreover, CIS ensures the provision of better care by immediate and easy access to test results, medical history, and prescriptions during emergency. CIS many be limited to single area such as laboratory systems or ECG management or could be extensive to all aspects of clinical information.

The major application where CIS is widely used is multispecialty hospitals. This is the high revenue generating application of CIS and the potential for CIS market lies in this application. Due to the high inclination of urban population towards the corporate sector, nowadays even offices have to maintain clinical record of their employees. The detailed analysis of the CIS applications- hospital & offices along with others has been covered in the report. Moreover, the market dynamics including the factors driving the CIS market, the inhibitors and the opportunities have been analyzed in the report. The report also covers the value chain analysis of the major suppliers and OEMs in the market, with detailed analysis on the macro and micro factors affecting the market. Increasing number of repetitive patients and need to maintain their history record to facilitate the fast and accurate treatment is the major factor driving the growth of CIS market globally. Government hospitals are also making increasing use of CIS to provide better care and high grade facilities to all patients. Moreover, the incentives and government funding to motivate the application of CIS in all private clinics and hospitals is boosting the CIS market.

Clinical Information System Market

The report is further segmented with respect to varied types of CIS products. The major products considered in the report include Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system, Laboratory Information System (LIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Pharmacy Information System (PIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System. All these products differ in the type of information stored and the platform used for storing this information. Besides, the report covers the CIS system types 聳 hardware, software, and services in detail and the cost analysis for these system types. Services are the prime need in the CIS market as expert is required for recovery and maintenance of the electronically stored data.

The report classifies the CIS market on the basis of platform used to store the data. These include the web-based platform and the cloud based platform. Cloud based platform has high potential growth in the CIS market to make easy access of patient聮s records anywhere anytime across the globe. The multispecialty hospital with branches in several countries usually have cloud based CIS platform for data storage. This is highly expensive platform with high installation and maintenance cost associated which is one of the major challenges in the CIS market.

The report categorizes the market in terms of major geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. The Middle Eastern and African regions form a part of Rest of the World (RoW) section of the report. Apart from this, country level analysis for major revenue generating countries in these regions is also covered in the report.

In the report, the major emphasis has been given on the competitive landscape of major players in the market. This section broadly covers the market entropy and the business strategies adopted by the key players in the market. Moreover, this section offers the detailed market share analysis of these players along with their geographical footprints in the market.

All the leading players are profiled in the report, few of which include:
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