Clean Room Technology Market

Date: 2016-05

Clean room is the place with very low level of environmental contamination due to pollutants. This environment is needed majorly in manufacturing of medicinal drugs, critical care sections of hospitals, and scientific research laboratories. The clean room technology market has been proliferated majorly due to the growing safety concerns for health care products and increasing demand for sterilized pharmaceuticals. Various stringent rules & regulations are being imposed on pharmaceutical industries to avoid contamination of drugs due to human and technological errors. These mandate rules have fueled the demand for clean room in healthcare industry. The customized installation of clean rooms is highly expensive and unaffordable for small and medium organization which is the major inhibiting factor for this clean room market.

The report offers in depth analysis of clean room market with respect to standards that define the number and size of particles permitted per volume of air. The standards considered for this research study are US FED STD 209E, ISO 14644-1, BS 5295, and GMP EU. The US FED STD 209E standard is the U.S. standard and is widely used; whereas ISO 14644-1 is private standard for Switzerland, BS 5295 is the British standard, and GMO EU is the European standard and is the most stringent than others.

The report also analyzes the equipment used in clean room technology and offers precise market data for these equipments. Fan filter unit (FFU), HVAC System, laminar air flow systems and biosafety cabinets, HEPA filters, and air diffusers & showers are the major equipments used in a typical clean room technology. Moreover, the report provides market analysis of the type of component used for construction of clean rooms. These include hardwall, softwall, drywall, and terminal boxes, among others. The penetration rate of each component in the clean room technology market is also provided in the report. Hardwall cleanroom market has growing demand across industries due to its affordability and construction flexibility.

Clean Room Technology Market

The in depth analysis of the industrial applications of clean room technology is covered in the report with major emphasis on the penetration rate of clean room technology in those industrial applications. The applications include pharmaceutical industry, medical devices industry, hospitals, and biotechnology production industry. Clean room technology market has high growth potential in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with emerging trend in plastic, hardware, and food technology.

Regional analysis section in the report includes the market revenue analysis for major geographies of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. North America accounts for highest share in the global clean room market followed by the countries in European region. Asia-Pacific countries are estimated to show high growth rate by next decade due to the surge of health care and food industry in the region.

The report gives detailed insights on the competitiveness of the market. The report tracks the key business strategies and developments adopted by the key vendors in this market. Market share analysis of these vendors is also provided under the market entropy section.

Some of the major manufacturers that are profiled in the report include:
Alpiq Group
Taikisha Ltd
Ardmac Ltd
Azbil Corporation
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Illinois Tool Works Inc.
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
M+ W Group
Royal Imtech N.V


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