Chinese Environmental Protection Market Analysis

Date: 2015-11-12

Entering the 21st century, global environmental protection industry began to enter a rapid development stage, it has gradually become an important force for economic growth of supports industry, and it is becoming the key to many important goals and national innovation and adjustment of industrial structure.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the increasing of urban processes and industrialization process, environmental pollution is increasingly serious, national emphasis on environmental protection are increasingly high. During the period of fifteen, because the state has increased investment in environmental infrastructure construction, powerful stimulating the market demand of related industries, environmental protection industry in general has expanded rapidly, industrial fields continue to expand, industry structure gradually adjust, industry level has improved significantly.

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, China’s environmental protection industry has maintained an average of 15% -17% growth rate, key areas of investment in environmental protection mainly include water environment, atmospheric environment, solid waste, ecological environment, nuclear safety and radiation environment protection and construction and environmental capacity building. Annual gross income of Environmental Protection Industry reached about $ 149.5 billion in 2010, wherein the resource utilization production value was $ 103.6 billion, environmental protection equipment production value was $ 18.8 billion, environmental Services production value was $ 15.7 billion.

Some listed companies of environmental protection industry include: Beijing SPC (002573), Longking (600388), Feida Environmental (600526), Yonker (300187), Dongjiang Environment (002672), WELLE Environmental (300190), Sailhero Environmental (300137) etc.


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