Chinese Coal Production Increased to 3,680Mt in 2013

Date: 2015-09-01

“• Chinese coal production increased rapidly from 1,383.5 million tonnes (Mt) in 2000 to 3,680Mt in 2013, ranking third globally. However production decreased for the first time in 2014 to an estimated 3,590Mt, down by 2.4% over the previous year.

• China had the third largest proven reserves of coal globally, at 114.5Bnt at the end of 2014. Anthracite and bituminous accounted for 62.2Bnt followed by sub-bituminous and lignite at 52.3Bnt. 

• According to the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, the majority of the reserves are found in the northern provinces of Inner Mongolia and Shanxi while other provinces with reserves include Shaanxi, Xinjiang and Guizhou. 


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