China Produced 1.01 Million Tons BOPP Film Packaging Material in 2014

Date: 2015-09-26

BOPP is widely used as a packaging material for packaging products such as snack foods, fresh produce and confectionery. It is easy to coat, print and laminate to give the required appearance and properties for use as a packaging material. This process is normally called converting. It is normally produced in large rolls which are slit on slitting machines into smaller rolls for use on packaging machines.

Features of BOPP film:
-Excellent clarity
-Good dimensional stability and flatness
-Low electrostatic charge
-Good barrier to water vapor
-High gloss
-Resistant to oils and greases
-Good puncture and flex-crack resistance over a wide range of temperatures
– Recyclable
The downstream industries of BOPP film packaging material have a comprehensive application fields, the potential growth room is large. China produced virtually 0.975 million tons BOPP packaging material in 2013, grew 25% compared 2012, and produced 1.01 million tons BOPP film packaging material in 2014; within 5 years, the CAGR was 10%.
Moreover, the applications of BOPP film packaging material have characters of decentralization, and diversity etc.
The share of application areas of BOPP film packaging material in 2014 is as following:

BOPP film packaging material

Source: 9Dimen
Research BOPP Film Packaging Material Research Center, Sep. 2015.


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