China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1509

Date: 2015-10

“At the end of August 2015, the Chinese listed fluorochemical enterprises released the half-yearly financial reports in succession. From this, CCM specifically selected 4 leading companies to conduct systematic analysis.
In mid-September 2015, the MEP held the International Commemoration Meeting on Protection of the Ozone Layer in Beijing. Also, China and the US held the first Sino-US Climate Leaders Summit to accelerate the implementation of the carbon emission reduction plan. Such a series of environmental protection activities and related policies will boost the transformation and upgrading of China鈥檚 fluorochemical industry, mainly including the faster substitution of new environmental-friendly refrigerants and the growing market of new fluoropolymer for environmental protection.
In July 2015, the HF imports continued the upturn this year and showed a MoM rise of 36.56%. This is mainly because of the strong demand for premium HF, which however cannot be satisfied by the local-made ones, according to CCM analysis.
Under unfavourable conditions such as the sluggish demand, the hindered transportation, the strike from “”underground”” factories and the unsatisfactory quota depletion, China鈥檚 R22 market entered the downturn in Q3 and the price continuously decreased. This also persuaded the industry insiders to expect fall in the R22 market this year thoroughly.
In Q3 2015, China鈥檚 fluorite (CaF2>97%) market was in depression: company profit narrowed down and production suspended. In Q4, it is expected to fall into flat supply and demand and make no recovery, as the downstream have no plan to up-regulate the operating rates.
In September 2015, Juhua Group continuously increased its holdings in its subsidiary company Zhejiang Juhua. On the one hand, it is to stabilise the share price of Zhejiang Juhua. On the other hand, it shows Juhua Group鈥檚 bullish confidence in the future development of Zhejiang Juhua.
In late September 2015, Do-Fluoride announced that its subsidiary, Do-Fluoride (Jiaozuo) had signed power Li-ion battery supply agreement with 2 leading alternative energy vehicle manufacturers in China, valued at more than USD313.72 million (RMB2 billion). It will promote the development of Do-Fluoride鈥檚 emerging alternative energy business.
At the end of August 2015, Do-Fluoride released the half-yearly financial report, saying that it had made a turnaround in the business performance. As the demand for power Li-ion battery outstripped the supply, the company has been accelerating the capacity reconstruction and expansion, and meanwhile has considered stripping off the traditional fluoride salt business.
China鈥檚 R32 price shows a downward trend during the slack refrigerant period. In addition, the prices of main raw materials also continuously decrease. CCM expects a further fall in the R32 price in the near future.
In August 2015, China鈥檚 PTFE price continued decreasing, due to the weak downstream demand. After frequent falls, the producers gradually will build up stronger inclination to stabilise the price. A stable trend is expected during September-October 2015.”


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