China Automobile Axle Manufacturing Industry Production & Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast

Date: 2016-01-03

Automobile Axle is a very important component of auto parts. With the growing of auto parts industry, automobile industry becomes larger and larger. Since 2010, the macro-economic policy, which mainly stimulates by domestic demand, provides foundation and assurance for the steady development of automobile industry. From the view of automobile car industry trend in 2010, the macro-economic policy had influenced automobile industry for almost a year. The annual automobile production and sales volumes were 18.2647 million and 18.0619 respectively, which again refreshed the record, and maintained its largest production and consumption position in the world.

In 2011, the economy continues to grow steadily, so the automobile production and marketing volumes are expected to gain huge increase; in 2011, China鈥檚 automobile market will break through 20 million and in 2015, it will reach 25 million. In a long run, the fast development of China鈥檚 GDP provides vast demand for automobile industry, while the growth of automobile axle will increase when automobile sales volume grows. China automobile volume is expected to keep a continuing growth, and it will provide a development opportunity for automobile axle industry.
With the growing competition in automobile axle manufacturing industry, excellent automobile axle manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to the industry market research, especially the in-depth researches on the industry development environment and product buyers. Because of this, a large number of excellent automobile axle brands rise up rapidly, and gradually become leading corporations in automobile axle manufacturing industry!

With Forward鈥檚 long-term tracking and collecting market data of automobile axle manufacturing industry, we roundly and accurately analyze the industry structure system for you from the view of mastering the whole industry. 


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