Chemical Intermediates Market

Date: 2016-05

Chemical intermediate is an essential element for the production of basic everyday requirements such as textiles, soaps, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other plastics. These intermediate chemicals exist in all forms, for example- Caustic Soda is a solid , Ethylene Dichloride is a Solvent, and Vinyl Chloride Monomer is in Gaseous state. The basic reasons for the consistent increase in usage of chemical intermediate is growth in industries like petrochemicals, organic, inorganic, dyes, paints, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals etc.

Chemical intermediate is highly admissible in Petrochemical industry. Mono-ethylene glycol is a major form of glycol used in this industry which crossed a market size of $1.22 million by 2013 and is expected to grow constantly for the next 5 years.

Some major companies producing mono-ethylene glycol are:
India Glycols limited etc.
Linear Alkyl benzene is also an important type of chemical intermediate having a market size of around $180.33 million in 2013 globally and it is constantly growing.

Chemical Intermediates are generally classified as reagents, solvents, building blocks, protective groups and others. The use of Mono-ethylene glycol, a type of solvent is expected to exhibit a growth of 14% in the production of basic petrochemicals and downstream petro based products for the next 5 years.

These are some of the major countries contributing to the world consumption of Mono-ethylene Glycol. This graphs clearly shows that china is a major user of chemical intermediates, followed by US and India.


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