Korea Proton Therapy Market, Reimbursement Policy, Patients Treated at Proton Therapy Centers & Forecast

US$ 1150

Korea Proton Therapy Market, Reimbursement Policy, Patients Treated at Proton Therapy Centers & Forecast is a research study published by Renub Research. According to this research South Korea Proton Therapy Market is expected to almost triple by 2021 from its current market size in 2016.

03-20 2017   Pages: 50

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Market in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia Slovenia (East Europe) By (Infant & Adult) Forecast

US$ 1200

Romania is having the highest seasonal influenza vaccine market share in East Europe Countries. In terms of children vaccination, Romania & Hungary together accounts for more than 40 percent market share in 2016 whereas, in adult vaccination segments, these two will share more than 80 percent market share by 2022.

03-20 2017   Pages: 79

Proton Therapy Market in Switzerland, Reimbursement Policy, Patients Treated at Proton Facility & Forecast

US$ 1150

Switzerland has one of the old proton therapy centers in Europe and was established in 1984 and there are so many recommended proton therapy patients from other parts of Europe coming for their treatment. The old proton therapy center at CPT, PSI, Villigen was further renovated with technological advancement in 2010 and again in 2013.

03-20 2017   Pages: 49

Italy Proton Therapy Market, Patients Treated at Proton Therapy Centers & Forecast

US$ 1150

Proton Therapy Market in Italy would double by the end of 2021 from its market in 2016. There are currently three proton therapy centers in Italy that significantly increases their capacity to treat more patients. In Italy the first patients were treated with proton beams in 2002 at the INFN-LNS, Catania. Rising significant cancer incidence in Italy will further enhance the proton therapy market of Italy.

03-20 2017   Pages: 50

Canada Pediatric Vaccines Market, Doses, Immunization (Vaccinated), Cases & Forecast

US$ 1000

“Pediatric vaccines market continues to be the success story for the manufacturers of pediatric vaccines in Canada. The value of the Canada pediatric vaccines market is expected to be slightly less than US$ 2 Billion by 2020. Pneumococcal vaccines (PCV) and Varicella vaccines are the leading market share holder in Canada and together they contribute more than 50% of the total Pediatric vaccines market.

02-13 2016   Pages: 104

United States Off–Label Drugs Market & Forecast

US$ 1200

“Off–label prescribing of medicines is prevalent worldwide because it gives freedom to physicians to apply new therapeutic options based on the latest evidence. Although physicians may lawfully prescribe approved Drugs for any use consistent with available scientific data and proper medical practice, but unfortunately, this is done without adequate scientific data.

02-13 2016   Pages: 67

India Frozen Food (Poultry, Fish/Seafood, Red Meat, Dessert, Snacks and Vegetable) Market, Volume & Forecast

US$ 1100

“Indian Frozen Food market for 2019 is expected to double with regard to the market of 2014. Frozen Snacks control more than 60% market share in Indian Frozen Food market in 2014, but its market share is depleting year on year. Whereas Frozen Vegetables market share is growing year on year, it is having the second highest market share in India Frozen Food Market.

02-13 2016   Pages: 133

Global – Automatic/Self Driving Car Opportunity Market Analysis

US$ 1200

The concept of self–driving vehicles has been gaining traction from the past few years. Self–driving vehicles are expected to radically change the driving experience. With sophisticated sensors, radar, lasers and advanced mapping technology, these self–driving cars have eyes and ears on the roads, theoretically allowing the driver to sit back and relax.

02-13 2016   Pages: 112

United States Pediatric Vaccines Market, Doses, Immunization (Vaccinated), Cases & Forecast

US$ 1100

“Pediatric Vaccines market for United States is a multi-billion dollar industry. The value of United States pediatric vaccines market alone is expected to reach more than US$ 18 Billion by 2020. The United States Pediatric vaccines market is driven by favorable demographics, growing public acceptance and product innovation. Varicella and Pneumococcal vaccines (PCV) control the highest and second highest market share in United States respectively.

02-13 2016   Pages: 126

India Outbound Tourism Market: Outbound Tourists Visit, Tourists Spending and Forecast to 2020

US$ 1150

India Outbound Tourists Visit Analysis: Singapore has replaced Thailand and captured the number one position in 2014. Based on the current trends we believe Singapore is expected to maintain its leading position for couple of years.

02-13 2016   Pages: 155
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