China Exported 3,271 Tons of Unwrought Antimony From January to August of 2015

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From January to August of 2015, China exported 3,271 tons of unwrought antimony, soaring by 374.75% year on year, because the crackdown of the customs on smuggling propelled the supply of formal export channels significantly.

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Currently Most of Plastic Waste produced in North America is Exported to China

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The global energy from plastic waste market is segmented on the basis of four major geographies which include North America, Europe, Asia and RoW. Currently, in 2014, the market is dominated by Europe with 42.7% market share of the total market. North America is the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 11.2%.

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High Levels of Imports and Price Premium Would Make A Steel Price Hike Challenging Indian Steel Prices are Down C13%

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The INR depreciated c3% in Aug-15 versus the USD. Since steel in India is priced on the basis of landed cost, a weaker currency, in theory, helps mills increase steel prices in India. However, INR depreciation was largely a reflection of the c3% depreciation in the CNY, which balances the equation given that China is the largest steel exporter.

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Surprisingly Weak Iron Ore Imports and Surprisingly Strong Copper Imports In August In China

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Surprisingly weak iron ore imports and surprisingly strong copper imports In August In China

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“China Pharmaceutical Guidebook: Latest Chinese Regulations for Imported Drug Registration “

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“China possesses a fourth population in the world and has one of the largest drug markets round the world. By 2012, sales on the Chinese drug market have reached RMB 926.1billion (about US$147 billion) reported by the «2012:

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