Hong Kong MICE Tourism Market – Trips & Spending to 2021

US$ 1190

Hong Kong MICE Tourism market is projected to reach more than US$ 2.5 Billion by the end of 2021 growing at a CAGR of around XX% from 2016 to 2021.

10-09 2016   Pages: 76

Hong Kong Professional Hair Care Market

US$ 5250

Hong Kong Professional Hair Care Products Market includes the study of Back Bar and Over-the-Counter products sold in the year 2014 and estimation of market size for 2020

05-29 2016   Pages: 51

Reinsurers Are not Subject to Any Authorization for Operating in Hong Kong

US$ 0

The government of Hong Kong proposed to establish Independent Insurance Authority (IIA), replacing the existing OCI as the country’s insurance regulator.

09-07 2015   Pages: 0

Hong Kong HNWI Numbers Increased by 3.2% In 2013

US$ 0

HNWI wealth and volumes are expected to grow over the forecast period. The number of Hong Kong HNWIs is forecast to grow by 18.3%, reaching 228,903 by 2018, and HNWI wealth is expected to grow by 26.4%, reaching US$1.4 trillion by 2018.

08-30 2015   Pages: 0

Hong Kong HNWIs Held 40.6% (US$423.0 Billion) of Their Wealth outside Their Home Country in 2013

US$ 0

At the end of 2013, Hong Kong HNWIs held 40.6% (US$423.0 billion) of their wealth outside their home country, which is higher than the worldwide average of 20–30%.

08-30 2015   Pages: 0

Real Estate was the Largest Asset Class for Hong Kong HNWIs in 2013

US$ 0

In 2013, real estate was the largest asset class for Hong Kong HNWIs, with 34.8% of total HNWI assets, followed by business interests with 23.3%, equities with 17.9%, cash and deposits with 11.5%, fixed-income with 8.3%, and alternatives with 4.3%.

08-30 2015   Pages: 0

There were 2,560 UHNWIs in Hong Kong in 2013

US$ 0

There were 2,560 UHNWIs in Hong Kong in 2013, with an average wealth per capita of US$165.8 million, making them a prime target group for wealth sector professionals. There were 55billionaires, 603 centimillionaires and 1,902 affluent millionaires in total.

08-30 2015   Pages: 0
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