World Carbon Emission Trading Exceeds $54.4 Billion in 2014, and China Valued at $16.2 Billion By 2018

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Currently, 17 carbon emission trading systems have been established, which covers over 35 countries, 12 states/ provinces, and 7 cities, those systems based countries combined 40% of global GDP.

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The Demand of Lubricant in China

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China is the second largest lubricant consumption area in the world, and it is the one of few countries where stay positive growth, in 2013, China demand lubricant approximately 7.5 million tons, and in the last year, it still remained a slight growth, which consumed 7.6 million tons.

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Fluorine Chemical Industry Expected To Grow 68% By Next 5 Years In China

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Fluorine chemical is based on fluorite resource, China is the largest fluorite resource in the world, where has approximately 260 million tons, accounts for two third of world fluorite resource, it also was considered as one of 7 rare resources by Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources.

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China Exported 3,271 Tons of Unwrought Antimony From January to August of 2015

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From January to August of 2015, China exported 3,271 tons of unwrought antimony, soaring by 374.75% year on year, because the crackdown of the customs on smuggling propelled the supply of formal export channels significantly.

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All Carmakers are Launching EV Models in China

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Increasing competition in China’s EV market. Now, almost all carmakers, both foreign and Chinese names, are launching EV models. But only a few Chinese carmakers are rolling out PHEVs.

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China Feed Additives Market Analysis

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Vitamin B1 market price increase 5-10%, from the original price increase to 34.6-36.2 $/kg. Dafeng factory of Brother Enterprises occured accident and maintenance shutdown on November 1, B1 manufacturers stopped quotes, and wanted to continue to raise prices.

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The Impact on Banking by New Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy of China

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The central bank of China lowered its benchmark interest rate 25 basis points, this was the sixth rate cut in the past 12 months (the first interest rate cut circulation since November 24th 2014).

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High Voltage Capacitors Market by Voltage level, Applications (Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Testing) & Geography (Canada, U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Norway, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, India, China)- Global Industry Trends & Forecast to 2020

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This report estimates the HV capacitor market size in terms of number of capacitors and market value. The market has been split into major countries. HV capacitor market is expected to grow from USD 133.86 million in 2014 to USD 218.84 million by 2020, with a CAGR of 7.8% from 2015 to 2020.

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China PVC Gloves Market Analysis

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Recent years, with the strengthening of the health care work, usage amount of gloves increased rapidly, and thus also contribute to within the scope of global continue to emerge more convenient to use,

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There Are Over 30 Electric Vehicle Drive Motor Manufacturers in China in 2015

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From January to August of 2015, China sold 108,654 new energy vehicles, showing a skyrocketing growth of 270% year on year. Benefiting from the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the motor controller market will value more than RMB1.8 billion in 2015.

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