Cast Polymer Market

Date: 2016-05

Cast Polymer is the canopy term used to incorporate cultured marble, cultured granite, cultured onyx and solid surface products used in a wide variety of household and commercial applications. Some of these applications include: counter tops, lavatories, vanities, shower receptors, bathtubs, enclosure sets, fireplace surrounds, window sills, wall panels, floor tiles, and whirlpool baths and molding accents.

Cast polymer products are man-made, chemically鈥揵onded, mineral-filled, polymeric materials which are shaped and toughened to a solid material in a variation of forms that meet varied design needs. The manufacturing procedure certificates a variety of uses nearly impossible to attain with quarried stone. Cast polymer is stronger and less brittle than quarried marble. However, it is tougher than porcelain. Cast polymer products repel mildew and stains and are effortlessly cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agents. The one-piece, seamless construction of cast polymer is easy to maintain and resistant to breakage.

Cast polymer market has observed a noteworthy evolution in previous few years. Cast polymers are mostly superior due to their high mechanical properties. Presently, cast polymer resins are also extensively used in residential as well as non-residential segments. The rising demand for technically-advanced products and greater quality products is also set to drive the cast polymers market. Moreover, cast polymer products provide enhanced construction, high quality raw materials, and greater quality control standards. The report also focuses on different geographic regions and the key countries in terms of changing trends in cast polymers market in various fields.

However, residential and non-residential segments are key end use industries of the Global Cast Polymer market.

The global market for cast polymer is estimated to be $XX billion in 2015. The global market for cast polymer is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of XX% and is forecast to reach $XX billion by 2021. In this report, the global cast polymers market has been segmented by type, material, and region. Asia Pacific holds the largest share in this market due to the larger number of constructions and remolding in this region as compared to others. Automotive industry & Food industry are the major end-users for cast polymers.

The report includes the global cast polymer market, which is segregated on the basis of type, material and region. Most important types of cast polymers are solid surface and engineered stone. In terms of substance used for the manufacturing of cast polymer, the market includes aluminum trihydrate, calcium carbonate and others.

APAC, Europe, America, and the Rest of the World (RoW) are the regions that are covered in this market report. Asia is the top market for Cast Polymer which will be soon taken over by China. The APAC market is anticipated to grow at a high CAGR between 2016 and 2021. The growth of this market is credited to wide variety of end-user industries, such as construction of housing units and non-residential buildings in this region.

Construction & Remodeling Industry are the Key Drivers to the Cast Polymers Market

The global cast polymers market is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX% between 2016 and 2021. The beginning of innovative technologies is a major driving factor which is all set to drive the cast polymers market. Various other factors like growing demand for construction and remodeling of present housing and commercial units are also boosting the evolution of the market. The report covers the global cast polymers market segmented on the basis of type, material, end-user industry, and geography.

The global cast polymers market is evaluated based on key attributes such as type, materials and others. Each of the segmentations in the report has been studied to give comprehensive analysis of global cast polymers market. The overall market has also been consolidated from the perspective of different geographic locations into standard geographic regions and key economies for this market. Additionally, this report encompasses opportunity analysis, porter analysis, pricing analysis and market forces such as drivers, constraints and challenges that are involved to drive the overall market.

The key players profiled in this report are: E.I.Du Pont De Nemours And Company, Agco, Inc. and others. This report gives detailed information about the product value chain right from the beginning which includes raw materials till end-use. The market is analyzed based on the key attributes such as the power in the hands of producers and consumers, analysis on the degree of competition, and threats from substitutes and new entrants. The study includes the demand of this particular market on a global and regional scale for a six year period of 2016-2021, both in terms of volume(kilo tons) and revenue($ million).


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