Carbon Fiber’s New Opportunity To Grow In China

Date: 2015-11-16

Electric vehicles, aircraft industry, wind-power will drive the demand of carbon fiber upward.
Electric vehicles, obviously the trend of the most traditional vehicles would move to electric vehicles in the future, by look of global environment-friendly awareness, the future is not so far. But the electric vehicles have its limits; currently the storage capacity was the biggest challenge, compares with gasoline fueled motor vehicles, the electric vehicles have only half full charge endurance of the former, averaging 200 km, at this case, the electric vehicle manufacturers are seeking for the light materials for the car body, the carbon fiber body is the best solution for them, get 30% lighter then steel body. Estimated the demand of carbon fiber in electric vehicles will hit almost 19 thousand tons by 2020.
Also, thanks to the carbon fiber’s properties of high temperature resistance, high tensile strength and high modulus, the aircraft manufactures use it as low-cost composite materials for aircraft application structures, China is the second largest commercial aircrafts market around the world, by 2020, China will demand approximately 1800 commercial aircrafts, now the averaging the 35% of traditional parts in aircraft are replaced by carbon fiber part, the replaced parts in tails and wings are most common, the demand for carbon fiber in aircraft industry was valued 23 thousand tons by 2020.
Wind power, as a low-cost green energy, China was developing wind power industry in particular. 
High power, long blades are required in the trend of development of wind power sets. Along with the development of wind power, for generate more electricity, the blade needs to be bigger, which the blade diameter has be over 120 meters long, the whole single blade weights 18 tons, under those requirements, the GRP blades have been unable to meet the requirements. But using carbon fiber, the 120 meters long blade is capable of lowering weight by 38%, also reducing cost by 14%. The GWEC predicted the demand will meet around 30 thousand tons by 2020.
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