Canadian Mining and Quarrying Industry in 2012 Employed 73,000 People

Date: 2015-09-17

“• Coal is by far the most abundant fossil fuel available in Canada, with recoverable reserves totaling 6.6 billion tonnes (t) at the end of 2013, which, according to BP Statistical Review of World Energy, accounted for 0.7% of global reserves.

• In 2013, 68.3 million tons (Mt) of coal was produced which was higher by 2.7% over 2012 mainly due to an increase in production from the Genesee mine to 5.2Mt in 2013. Over 2014−2020, Canada is expected to produce an average of 83.6Mt of coal annually with several new mines expected to commence production in this period, including the Vista Extension project in Alberta, the Border project in Saskatchewan and the Graham River project in British Columbia. 

• Investments in coal projects are more cyclical in nature compared to other commodities and in 2014, it is expected to be up by US$0.8 billion post a decline of 38.5% in 2013. However, overall capital investments in the Canadian mining sector are poised to decline for the second consecutive year in 2014 to around US$11.5 billion.

• According to Statistics Canada, the mining industry is the country’s largest private sector employer. The Canadian mining and quarrying industry in 2012 employed 73,000 people, higher by 10.9% compared with 2011. Growth in employment was stronger in metal mining by 9.1% and coal mining by 4.7% while it was marginally higher (0.9%) in the case of non-metal mining.”


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