Brine Fluids Market

Date: 2016-05

A brine fluid is a solution obtained when a salt usually sodium chloride is saturated in some amount of water. Brine contains a very high salt content, which prevents the growth of bacteria and thus help preserve the food items. The type of brine solution may vary with the variation in the mixing proportions of salt with water. Brine fluids are typically formulated with inorganic salts. These fluids are specifically manufactured to control formation pressure as well as reduce damage in the reservoir.

The Global Brine Fluids market has witnessed rapid growth in recent years and this trend is estimated to continue in coming years as well. The global brine fluids market is found to be $XX bn as of 2015 and is forecasted to reach about $XX bn by 2021 because of the various drivers which is driving this market such as increase in the consumption in North-American countries as well as Asia-pacific countries. Owing to the dynamism of the market the manufacturers are also investing huge amounts of capital for the extraction or preparing of the brine fluids. The major cause for the increase in the demand of these brine fluids is its applications such as food preservations. The global clear brine fluid market demand was XX kilo tons in 2016 and is expected to reach XX kilo tons by 2021, growing at a CAGR of XX% from 2016 to 2021. North America is leading this particular market and within the next coming five years even Asia pacific countries may also undergo a tremendous development in this particular market because of the new technological advancements.

The brine fluids can be segmented based on the product obtained such as sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium bromide, potassium chloride and also based on the end users who uses these brine solutions such as food preserving, display cleaning, semiconductors and also based on the applications in various fields such as the power generation industries because of the high thermal conductivities when they are subjected to raise in temperatures.

The geographical information regarding the leading producers of this brine fluids are mostly the American countries mostly the North American countries and then the European countries and moreover, the APAC countries also increasing their revenue because of the technological advancements. Various types of brine fluids are used for different applications as stated above wherein they possess the physical as well as chemical properties in order to achieve the stability which is required for the particular application.


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