Antiscalant Market

Date: 2016-05

Antiscalant are the chemicals which are aimed to constrain the establishment & precipitation of preserved mineral salts that form scale. Several of antiscalant are exclusive organic synthetic polymers such as polyacrylic acid, carboxylic acid, polymaleic acid, polyphosphates and others. Usually, the molecular weight of these synthetic polymers starts from the range 2,000 to 10,000 Dalton.

Historically, Sodium hexametaphospate are used as antiscalant but use of this material reduced in the market due to the introduction of synthetic chemicals. There are numerous reasons due to which the rate of mineral scale formation gets affected. The antiscalant are used by three primary methods such as threshold inhibition, crystal modification, and dispersion and are used in numerous applications such as cooling & heating, sugar evaporators, detergent & cleaning, desalination & recycle, digestate dewatering, scale prevention and others. These antiscalant are derived from various types’ chemical groups such as carbonates, phosphates, sulphates, fluorides and others. Owing to assistance of such defensive affluent membranes at less cost, diminishes usage of acid for cleaning, high recovery rate, decrease energy cost, protect downtime in regular membrane cleanings, reduced necessity to grip sulfuric or hydrochloric acid.

Antiscalant market is segmented by end-user industry, which includes oil and gas, mining, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, housing, agriculture and others. As per the current trends, the global antiscalant market has grown significantly over the last few years. APAC is the largest region in terms of demand of antiscalant followed by Europe and North America. A detailed qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for driving and restraining growth of the antiscalant market and future opportunities are provided in the report.

Asia-Pacific (APAC) is the leading market for antiscalants with China leading the charge in 2015 and is forecast to have highest growth in the next few years due to growing adoption of antiscalant in water treatment applications. Asia antiscalant market accounts to XX% of the global market for antiscalants and is the fastest growing market followed by Americas.


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