Analog Integrated Circuit Market

Date: 2016-05

Analog integrated circuits are those circuits which can account for signals which vary from nil to the stipulated full power supply voltage. These ICs are very small in size. These ICs also consist of logic components that allow them to connect and communicate with the microprocessor of electronic devices in which they are embedded. They are primarily used for power management functions because of their ability to work with signals ranging from nil to the full voltage supply.

It is estimated that the total market size for analog ICs in 2015 was approximately $45 billion. A key factor which is driving the growth for the analog IC market is the requirement for power management in almost all electronic products which are being manufactured today. Smaller and more powerful ICs require optimal power management is essential for today’s electronics and analog ICs play an important role in ensuring that there is proper power management.

In addition to consumer electronics being a key driver for the analog IC market, the Automotive segment is also a key growth area for the analog IC market. The modern day automobile has electronics in almost every section of the vehicle ranging from the engine to the safety features to even the infotainment systems. Analog ICs are used for these applications in vehicles power management.

On the basis of type of products, this report segments the market as

General purpose
Voltage regulators
Data Converters
Amplifiers and Comparators
Interface Ics
Power management
Appliction-specific Ics
RF Transcievers
Display drivers
Touch sensors
LED drivers
Timing control

In terms of applications, the Alternative Fuel Vehicles market has been segmented across the following applications

Computing Devices
Consumer Electronics

Currently, the APAC region accounts for the largest share of sales of analog ICs. This can be understood from the fact that almost all the major OEMs of consumer electronic devices are located in the APAC region. The market has been segmented based on the following geographies

Middle East and Africa
North America
South America

Texas Instruments currently acconts for the largest share of the Analog IC market. TI has mainted its number one spot for several years. Some of the other companies operating in the market are listed below

Analog Devices Inc.
Texas Instruments Inc.
STMicroelectronics NV
Infineon Technologies AG
Qualcomm Inc.


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