Aluminum Sulfide Market

Date: 2016-05

Aluminum Sulfide is a colorless chemical and is known to exist in several forms. Some of these forms include alpha, beta and gamma, delta phases, among several others. While the alpha and beta phases are associated with a hexagonal symmetry, the gamma and delta phases have a trigonal and tetragonal symmetry respectively. Aluminum sulfide is the result of ignition of aluminum and sulphur. Aluminum sulfide is used to make hydrogen sulfide.

Aluminum sulfide has found use in a plethora of applications ranging from being used a food additive and in drugs to cosmetics and soaps, to name a few. As a coagulant, aluminum sulfide is used in the paper and pulp and water treatment industries. The need for clean and potable water across the globe is driving the growth of the aluminum sulfide market. However, there is a considerable amount of research being done in order to adopt water treatment technologies that do not require any chemicals. This could potentially impact the growth of the aluminum sulfide market, as water treatment is one of its main application areas. Apart from this, stringent regulations and the high price of raw materials are other factors inhibiting the growth of this market. Another major deterrent for this market is the environmental concern with regards to the disposal of aluminum sulfide into the environment and its impact, particularly in water.

The use of aluminum suldife in water treatment plants accounts for the largest share of the overall market. In terms of industries, the Aluminum Sulfide market has been segmented across the following
Paper and Pulp, Water Treatment, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Metals and Mining and Others

Asia Pacific is expected to witness the highest growth rate in the aluminum sulfide market till the end of the forecast period. With emerging economies adopting water treatment technolgies coupled with the growth of the paper industry, there is scope for growth of the aluminum sulfide market. Another reason is the strict regulations being imposed in countries across Europe and North America, there has been a general trend of the manufacturing of aluminun sulfide being shifted to APAC, where regulations have not yet been laid down. The market has been segmented based on the following geographies
North America, South America, APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Following are just a few of the companies that are operating in the aluminum sulfide market.
BASF, Arkema SA, AkzoNobel, Buckman Laboratories, Sigma-Aldrich


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