Active Optical Cable Market

Date: 2016-05

An active optical cable is a wiring technology which replaces standard copper wiring. The biggest advantage of optical cables is that there is very minimal power leakage which is otherwise seen in copper wires. Further to this, optical cables can be used over large distances without compromising on the power transmission and this is done through electrical signals which are converted to an optical signal at the cable ends. In addition, the cables can be thinner and longer in comparison to the standard wire cables thereby allowing them to be used across for a wide variety of applications. The key driver driving this market is the requirement for high bandwidth transmission which is possible through active optical cables. Active optical cables are used in data centers and servers as of this date and this can be understood from the fact that speed and volume of data is essential for data centers which an active optical cable is able to ensure.

The consumer electronics sector is currently not a large contributor to the market, however, with the advent of 4K viewing, high content needs to be streamed which is heavily reliant on the cables used, hence, active optical cables will see a high traction in this area once the demand for high content viewing increases.

The market is expected to be worth close to $ 2.8 billion by 2021. InfiniBand protocols are what active optical cables are now reliant on as of date. The active optical cable market is segmented based on the various protocols it adheres to. On the basis of protocols, this report segments the market as InfiniBand, Ethernet, Serial-Attaced SCSI, Others. The report further segments the market based on the type of form factor as QFSP, CXP, Others. In terms of applications, the Active Optical Cable market has been segmented across the following applications Consumer Electronics, Data Centers, Others.

Data centers currently account for the largest share of the applications for active optical cables. The market has been segmented based on the following geographies APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, South America. The market dynamics in countries such as China, Japan and India, to name a few are driving the growth of this market and are responsible for APAC to be the fastest growing segment during this forecast period.

Some of the key participants that operate in the Active Optical Cable market are as follows
3M company
Avago Technologies Ltd
EMCORE Corporation
FCI Electronics
Finisar Corporation


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