3D Printing Metals Market

Date: 2016-05

3D printing involves the creation of a 3 dimensional object by adding successive layers of a particular material one on top of each other until the overall object has been formed. Metals constitute one of the main materials used for 3D printing. Some of the common metals used in 3D printing include titanium, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, among others. The use of metals for 3D printing brings with it the benefits of resistance to corrosion and strength that is usually required for applications such as aerospace and defense and automotive, to name a few. Some of the other applications of the 3D printing metals market include medical and consumer electronics. However, currently the aerospace and defense application sector accounts for the highest share of this market and is also responsible for the growth of this market. While the benefits of 3D printing using metals is clearly evident, the market is inhibited by factors such as the high cost of 3D printers and the need for highly pure metals as raw materials.

The market is expected to be worth close to $750 million by the end of 2021 being fuelled primarily by the requirement of the materials in the healthcare and aerospace sectors.

In terms of state, the 3D Printing Materials market has been segmented across the following Powder, Filament and Others. The 3D Printing Metals market has also been segmented on the basis of the type of metal as: Titanium, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Others. 3D printing metals have found their application in a range of end-user segments and this report has covered the following applications. Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Aerospace & Defense and Others.

There is already a considerable amount of 3D printing taking place in North America and in Europe, however, the highest growth will come from the APAC region. The automotive industry in APAC is one of the main factors fuelling the growth in this region. At present, North America accounts for the largest share of the global 3D printing metals market. R&D and testing using 3D printed components has already been taking place here. The market has been segmented based on the following geographies North America, South America, APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Following are just a few of the companies that are operating in the 3D printing materials market:

3D Systems Corp.
Arcam AB
Voxeljet AG,
Sandvik AB
Optomec, Inc.


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