3D Camera Market

Date: 2016-05

A 3D camera is used to capture a three-dimensional image of an environment. 3D cameras are increasingly being adopted for industrial applications especially for defect identification in a number of situations. The ability of a camera to capture a 3D image allows individuals to visualize a complete environment that allows them to plan for a number of scenarios. For example, a 3D image of an empty apartment provides an interior designer with an idea as to what changes she/he can make rather than guesstimating with standard 2D floor plans.

These cameras are now being integrated across a number of devices, however, their penetration in these devices is still fairly low. The primary reason for this is the high cost of a 3D camera. Further to this, consumers haven’t really seen the need for 3D cameras and as such, there hasn’t been much of a demand for this. There are certain new applications that will necessitate the need for 3D cameras in the coming years. Gesture recognition already uses 3D cameras for gaming applications and the same are used in the gaming consoles that are sold in the market today. Gesture recognition is penetrating various other domains such as automotive and healthcare, all of which will require 3D cameras.

The global 3D camera market is expected to cross the $10 Billion mark by 2021. The market for 3D cameras can be segmented based on the following product segmentation:
Professional Cameras
Hobbyist Cameras

As a result of the various applications where 3D cameras are being employed, there are different technologies which will be suited for each application:
Time of flight
Stereo vision
Structured light.

In terms of applications, the 3D camera market has been segmented across the following applications:
General photography

The 3D camera market has been segmented based on the following geographies:
Middle East and Africa
North America
South America

The market is already filled with a number of individuals that are already leaders in the camera market. With the increasing number of applications being brought in as well as with advancements in technology, we can expect many more companies entering the market.

Some of the companies that will be analysed in the report include the following:
Go Pro
Panasonic Corp
Samsung Electronics Corp


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