2016 Special Report on Metamaterial Market

Date: 2016-03-20

Metamaterial as a new material design technology Reverse, its applications are very broad, mainly include national defense, aviation, communication, security, medical and other five aspects.

Figure 21 Metamaterial Application Diagram


Application field of metamaterial technology
Currently, Boeing, Raytheon Company, Toyota, LG Electronics and other world-class multinational companies are efforts to promote the industrialization process of metamaterial technology, actively seize market share of metamaterial, the main research direction is focused on the following aspects:
A. New metamaterial and its functional design, performance optimization and related simulation methods;
B. Device manufacturing: due to limitations of subwavelength feature size, doing the device fabrication in the optical frequency wave band requires high-tech level;
C. Interaction Research: since most of the properties of metamaterials are connected with surface / interfacial wave, further explore coupling of this near field wave and free-space electromagnetic wave, and the dissemination nature of the material inside, need to constantly update the theoretical concepts, analytical methods and experimental measurement techniques and other aspects.
Future metamaterial technology will develop towards a wider spectrum (THz and infrared), digitizing, intelligent (Al) and other directions, mainly focused on the following three areas:
I. Intelligent structural material integrated device: such as self-diagnosis, self-healing smart materials, sensors skin material, nano-waveguides, super diffraction limit high resolution imaging lens etc.;
II. Military stealth materials: such as radar waves / IR integrated stealthy materials, adaptive controllable stealth materials etc.;
III. Communication Remote Sensing Systems: such as reconfigurable broadband integrated video antennas, structure conformal sensor skin etc.


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