Worldwide Distribution Transformer Market Expected To Reach $ 17.81 Billion By 2020 With A CAGR Of 6.57%

Date: 2016-09-18

The global Distribution Transformer market was estimated at USD$ 12.96 billion in 2015, and is anticipated to reach USD$ 17.81 billion by 2020, expanding at a CAGR of 6.57% between 2016 and 2020. Distribution transformers are primarily used to distribute power in a particular locality, industrial estates as well as remotely located houses and buildings and are usually found on the pole or underground near residential, commercial, or industrial areas. Rising population across the region may further instigate need to save energy, which in turn is expected to catalyze distribution transformer market growth over the forecast timeframe.

Energy use in households and commercial buildings accounts for major part of the total energy consumption. Two major sources of energy consumption which can be regulated are interior environment comfort and electrical appliances. Several countries in the Middle East including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and UAE have developed policies to limit the consumption. These policies may spur government initiatives for using efficient devices on power transmission poles across the region in order to further decrease energy consumption at higher level.

Technological development across the electrical equipment sector is expected to be a key factor contributing towards the Middle East distribution transformer market size. Growing trend towards the use of thinner material for outer metallic coating may further reduce losses. Introduction of nanotechnology is anticipated to improve several parameters. For instance, integration of hydrogen sensors with wireless transmission can help monitor device status remotely and take corrective measures efficiently. Smart distribution transformer is also expected to be used in electrical vehicle charging, as it encompasses AC Level 2 charging that can overload distribution network at distant buses.

Asia-Pacific is estimated to dominate the market, owing to factors such as developing power T&D infrastructure, growing industrial expenditure, and demand for replacing/refurbishing aging distribution transformers. Power demand in India is expected to double by 2025. India surpassed China in quarterly GDP growth in the last quarter of 2015. This was due to an economic slowdown in China, which is likely to make India one of the fast growing economies in the region and trigger the demand for additional power infrastructure.
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