World Plastic Household Ware Market to Grow 2.5% Annually

Date: 2015-11-23

Global demand for plastic household ware is forecast to expand 2.5% p.a. between 2015 and 2019. China, Ethiopia, India, Japan and the United States are considered the highest potential markets in the coming years. 

According to recently published research conducted by a leading international market research company, Global Research & Data Services, the expansion of the global plastic household ware industry is forecast to reach 2.5% p.a. in the coming years. Between 2008 and 2014 the market increased with an average annual growth of 7.0%. Currently, kitchen and table ware of plastic accounts for 48.3% of the global demand while the remaining market share is divided between wash-basins, baths and shower-baths of plastic (6.3%), lavatory seats and covers of plastic (3.8%), other bathroom ware of plastic (6.1%) and other household ware of plastic (35.5%).

China, France, Germany, Japan and the United States represent the largest plastic household ware markets while the strongest annual growth is forecast to occur in Ethiopia (7.8%), Bolivia (6.9%), Morocco (6.4%), Kenya (6.4%) and India (5.7%).

Based on in-house analysis and an advanced model which takes into consideration the actual market size, trends, forecast market growth, and changes in the market environment, Global Research and Data Services calculates the Market Potential Rates, the predicted market potential of the country in the coming years. The larger the Market Potential Rate, the more potential the market has in the coming years; and conversely, the smaller the rate, the less potential the market is considered to have in the future. Based on these Market Potential Rates, the top 20 highest potential plastic household ware markets in the coming years are:


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