World Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment Market

Date: 2016-08

In order to thwart microbial growth and render the product contamination free, packaging plays a vital role and serves the purpose of safety throughout the shelf life of pharmaceuticals. In regulatory perspective, packaging has gained a significant importance and need critical compliance. The packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical has evolved from conventional packaging systems to modern and automated system, and it is well on its way to further growth. Our study suggests that packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR from 2013 to 2020. This report analyses the global packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical, and investigates the reasons for its growth. The study investigates different market segments and identifies the most beneficial among them. The analysis creates the absolute picture of competition and recognizes the strategies of key leaders.

The extensive growth over the past years experienced by packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical is attributed to key factors, namely technological advancement in drug delivery technology and shift in demand from conventional to modern, flexible and automated system. Majority of the drugs are going off-patent in the near future and it can be a critical driver to heighten the growth of this market in near future. However, some of the factors responsible to suppress the growth of packaging equipment market, are high cost of raw material, raised competition and demand of renewed packaging equipment by smaller pharmaceutical manufacturers in APAC countries, to reduce the total cost of production. Asia 鈥揚acific region is quite segregated and expected to show promising growth rate in near future, for pharmaceutical packaging equipment market. The reason for the growth of Asia-Pacific market is based on a fact that small manufactures potentially produce basic units and contribute to larger production capacity.

Packaging Equipment Market for Pharmaceutical by Package Type

Based on package type, packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical is sub-categorized as primary and secondary packaging equipments. Primary package offer direct contact with product, whereas secondary package offers contact with primary package. Primary packaging equipments are further subcategorized as blister packaging, sachet packaging, strip packaging, soft tube filling, aseptic filling and sealing, bottle filling and capping, counting, and others. Secondary packaging equipment is further classified into cartoning, wrapping, tray packing, case packaging, and others. Larger share of packaging equipment market lies in the area of primary packaging equipment due to shift in preference of end user to unit dosage forms.

Packaging Equipment Market for Pharmaceutical by Product Type

Based on type of products, packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical is classified into solid, semisolid, liquid and other products packaging equipments. In solid packaging equipment, tablet-packaging equipment holds the largest share. Due to high demand for safe and efficacious products, aseptic liquids packaging equipment is a emerging segment in liquid section.

Packaging Equipment Market for Pharmaceutical by Geography

Geographically, packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical is bifurcated into North America, Europe, Asia and LAMEA. North America and Asia-pacific dominates the packaging equipment market for pharmaceuticals. The reasons attributed are development of integrated pharmaceutical packaging lines that reduces downtime of packaging, high investment by big organizations, technological advancement and increase in number of FDA approved manufacturing sites in emerging economies. In Asia-Pacific region, India and China are promising locations.

Competitive Landscape

The key leaders for packaging equipment market for pharmaceuticals include Robert Bosch GmbH, Uhlmann Group, Mg2 S.R.L, Multivac Group, K枚rber Ag and Marchesini Group S.p.a. Due to transition in global market of pharmaceutical packaging equipment and increased demand of blister packets along with aseptic pharmaceuticals, big players have launched various automatic and integrated packaging lines. Robert Bosch GmbH and Uhlmann Group are the key players involved in this strategy. The overall research in technological advancement of packaging equipment for pharmaceuticals is focused in novel and personalized drug delivery system.

High Level Analysis

The study is informative towards market drivers, restraints, and opportunities that lie in packaging equipment market for pharmaceuticals. The study offers deep insights to competitive landscape and focuses on the big players in the packaging equipment market for pharmaceuticals. The investigation done with Porter鈥檚 five-force model would assist in identifying the attractive markets. Innovative and advanced equipments are well differentiated from competitor鈥檚 product and this factor tends to increase the bargaining power of suppliers. High bargaining power of buyer is a result of shift in preferences to manufacture unit dosage forms to meet the patient needs. Stringent regulatory compliance is one of the major hurdles for new entrants. Low switching cost for buyers in emerging economies results in increasing the threat of substitute products. High demand for advanced machinery increases the operating barriers that keep the intensity of rivalry to downside. The report provides ample analysis of the key areas for growth and opportunities therein.


This report offers the following benefits in particular:
The report provides a closer look for different segments, namely packages, products and geography and provides key insights to multiple segments
It provides comprehensive impact analysis of drivers and restraints, competition and opportunities, within packaging equipment market for pharmaceuticals along with key factors responsible for the growth
Competitive landscape offers the in-depth analysis of market shares, global leaders, growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, collaborations and partnerships within the packaging equipment market for pharmaceuticals
The report investigates and identifies the lucrative emerging markets by product and geography
Comprehensive information on the upcoming trends, new product launches and technological advancements would be beneficial to professionals

The packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical is segmented into three major categories such as package type, product type and geography.


Primary Packaging Equipment
Blister Packaging Equipment
Strip Packaging Equipment
Bottle Filling and Capping Equipment
Sachet Packaging Equipment
Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Equipment
Aseptic Filling and Sealing Equipment
Other Primary Packaging Equipment
Secondary Packaging Equipment
Cartoning Equipment
Wrapping Equipment
Case Packing Equipment
Tray Packing Equipment
Labeling and serialization

Solids Packaging Equipment
Tablet Packaging Equipment
Capsule Packaging Equipment
Powder Packaging Equipment
Granule Packaging Equipment
Other Solids Packaging Equipment
Semi-Solids Packaging Equipment
Cream Packaging Equipment
Ointment Packaging Equipment
Suppository Packaging Equipment
Other Semi-Solids Packaging Equipment
Liquids Packaging Equipment
Syrup Packaging Equipment
Aerosol Packaging Equipment
Eye/Ear Drop Packaging Equipment
Aseptic Liquids Packaging Equipment
Other Liquids Packaging Equipment
Other Products Packaging Equipment

North America


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