World Laparoscopy Devices Market

Date: 2016-08

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive operation in which abdominal or pelvic surgery is performed through a small incision. It has several advantages over laparotomy, which requires larger incisions. Laparoscopy uses TV images to examine and diagnose the condition of a disease or to carry out surgery. A rise in the obese population has resulted in laparoscopic surgeries being popularly used for weight reduction (bariatric surgeries). In-depth analysis of the global laparoscopy devices market focuses on various aspects of the market such as market trends, market drivers, restraints and opportunities. Competitive landscape section focuses on key leaders within the global laparoscopy devices market and their major growth strategies. Detailed analysis of segments helps in understanding market dynamics and would be beneficial for market professionals.

The laparoscopic devices market is expected to show promising CAGR during the forecast period. Death caused due to obesity is a potential driver for the laparoscopic devices market. Additionally, increasing cholecystectomy surgeries as well as minimally invasive surgeries which are done laparoscopically could potentiate the growth further. However, this kind of surgery is requires high level of skill and is therefore difficult from a surgeon’s perspective. Side effects associated with the surgery and rapid technological changes could be the restraining factors for this market. More advanced techniques that will make the surgeries easier to perform could take this market to new heights. The use of this technique in pediatric surgery could also expand the market.

Global Laparoscopy Devices Market by Equipment The global laparoscopy devices market is segmented into different categories according to equipment. such as Laparoscopes, Energy Systems, Internal Closure Devices, Trocars, Insufflation devices, Wound Protectors, Hand-Assist Devices, Sample Retrieval Bag and Gastric Band. Laparoscopic energy devices currently dominate the market due to their advanced technology. They are followed by the Gastric band system which is expected to grow at promising CAGR.

Global Laparoscopy Devices Market by Application Laparoscopy devices have applications in various surgeries, including General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Gynecological Surgery and Urological Surgery. Bariatric Surgery accounts for largest market share due to the growing obese population.

Global Laparoscopy Devices Market by GeographyGeographically, global laparoscopy devices market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA. North America dominates the global laparoscopy devices market due to the significant spending power of large segments of the population and technological advancement. Asia-Pacific is the fastest emerging market for global laparoscopy devices because the cost of surgery is reasonable as compared to other regions.

Competitive LandscapeThe key players within global laparoscopy devices market include, Allergan Inc., Olympus, Covidien, Smith & Nephew, Intuitive Surgical, Boston Scientific Corporation, Aesculap, Ethicon Endo Surgery, Commed, Karl Storz, CareFusion and Stryker. These organizations are focusing on developing advanced laparoscopic techniques which will meet the demands of surgeons and minimize side effects.

High Level Analysis Comprehensive analysis of global laparoscopy devices market provides an overview of the market and its key concerns. Market dynamics covers market drivers, restraints and opportunities which would help to simplify market behavior. The market segmentation section provides an in-depth study of products and geographic segments which would be helpful in understanding the current market trends. Porter’s Five Force analysis would be helpful for strategists to determine market profitability. Suppliers’ bargaining power for the global laparoscopy devices market is moderate due to large number of suppliers balanced by a rising demand for laparoscopic surgery due to the growing obese population. In emerging economies, laparoscopic surgeries are available at a lower cost, which attracts a large segment of the population. Thus the threat of new entrants is high in emerging economies due to the attractiveness of the market. Industrial rivalry is intense due to numerous competitors in the market competing for advanced and cost-effective products.

KEY BENEFITSThis report offers the following benefits:

In-depth coverage of global laparoscopy devices market including drivers, restraints and opportunities would help professionals understand market behavior
Comprehensive analysis of geographic segments would help to identify growth opportunities within global laparoscopy devices market
Porter’s Five Forces analysis examines the competitive structure of global laparoscopy devices market and would assist strategists in making informed decisions
Study of the strategies of key leaders, partnerships and acquisitions within global laparoscopy devices market would be informative for professionals in the corporate sector
Market estimates provided in the report would enable market projections to determine the growth of laparoscopic devices market.
KEY DELIVERABLESThe global laparoscopy devices market is segmented into three major categories: equipment, application and geography. MARKET BY EQUIPMENT

Energy Systems
Internal Closure Devices
Insufflation devices
Wound Protectors
Hand-Assist Devices
Sample Retrieval Bag
Gastric Band

General Surgery
Colorectal Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Gynecological Surgery
Urological Surgery

North America


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