World Cigarettes Myanmar

Date: 2015-09

“• Nevertheless by 2022, volumes are forecast to be 37.6% up on 2012 levels at 20.78 billion pieces. In per capita terms, growth will be 24.5% with the average level of consumption at 345 pieces in 2022, compared with 277 pieces in 2012
• However, there was a sharp drop in production in 2008 with imports also down and overall consumption is estimated to have contracted by 10.5%. Growth resumed in 2009 with this followed by a 38.9% rise in 2010. By 2012 volumes were up at 15.1 billion pieces, about 10 times 1990 levels
• The market is dominated by domestically produced cigarettes. These accounted for 95% of consumption in 2009 but were down at 86.3% in 2012. Import volumes amounted to 2,073 million pieces in 2012, equivalent to 13.7% of sales. This is down on 2,248 million pieces in 2000 when they had accounted for 23.6% of sales.”


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