World Cigarettes Ivory Coast

Date: 2015-09

“• With a package of debt relief announced in June 2012 (US$ 4.4 billion) growth rebounded by 9.8% in 2012 with 8% growth anticipated for 2013. The cigarette market has benefited, with improvements in supply resulting in consumption rising to 4.07 billion pieces in 2012.
• The incidence of smoking is put at 15.5% in 2012 and is increasing, having risen from 12.6% in 2003. Smoking prevalence is much higher among men, with only 8.2% of women smoking, although this is more than double prevalence levels ten years ago.
• Building on the economic rebound during 2012, the cigarette market is set to see slow, but steady, growth over the coming decade. Volumes are forecast at 5.49 billion pieces in 2022which is 34.9% above 2012 levels. Per capita sales will increase by a forecast 12.4% over this same period to 208 pieces in 2022.”


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