World Carbon Emission Trading Exceeds $54.4 Billion in 2014, and China Valued at $16.2 Billion By 2018

Date: 2015-12-04

Currently, 17 carbon emission trading systems have been established, which covers over 35 countries, 12 states/ provinces, and 7 cities, those systems based countries combined 40% of global GDP.

What is the carbon emission trading?
Carbon emission trading is an approach used to control carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving emissions reductions. It is sometimes called cap and trade or carbon emissions trading. Carbon emission trading is administered by a central authority such as a government or international organization which sets a limit or cap on the amount of CO2 that can be emitted. Companies or other groups are issued permits that require them to hold allowances (or credits) in order to emit an equivalent amount of CO2. The total amount of allowances and credits cannot exceed the cap, limiting total emissions to that level. Companies that need to increase their allowance must buy credits from those who pollute less. The transfer of allowances is referred to as a trade. The buyer therefore pays to pollute, while the seller is financially rewarded for reducing CO2 emissions. In theory, those that can easily reduce emissions most cheaply will do so.

In 2014, the world carbon emission trading market was 9.1 billion tons, showed a little downward trend, total trading valued at approximately $54.4 billion, almost similar turnover in 2013, compared to total amount of 10.4 billion tons in 2013, the trading amount in 2014 had a decrease of 10.5%, but total value only dropped 0.93%. The main reason was that most of European carbon quota price remained at 5 euro per ton in 2014, and there is an upsurge pricing to 7 euro per ton in second half year. 

Chinese carbon emission trading market
In China, 7 cities are running the carbon emission trading, contributed total 42 million tons. The future market was valued at $16.2 billion by 2018. 

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