What Consumers Want: Use of Telematics

Date: 2015-11

The What Consumers Want: Use of Telematics dashboard offers results from Verdict Financial’s latest General Insurance Consumer Survey on attitudes toward telematics products. Our dashboard simplifies and enhances your analysis of this in a graphical and interactive interface.

– Use this interactive tool to explore results from a survey of 4,000 consumers, enhancing your analysis of how consumers regard telematics products.
– Focus on specific consumer demographic segments, with the ability to filter results by age, gender, and income group.

– How many insurance holders have already been drawn toward the use of telematics, and are they using a black box or smartphone product?
– Why have adopters of telematics chosen to do so and what are the key reasons preventing others from using these products?

Key Highlights
Includes General Insurance Consumer Survey results on questions regarding the level of current telematics product take-up; premium savings accrued by adopters; and key reasons behind adoption or non-adoption of of a telematics-based insurance policy.”


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