What Consumers Want: Home Emergency Insurance

Date: 2015-11

The What Consumers Want: Gadget Insurance dashboard offers data on the behavior of consumers, their take-up of gadget cover, and their preferences regarding purchasing channels and providers. Our dashboard simplifies and enhances your analysis in a graphical and interactive interface.

– Use this interactive tool to explore results from a survey of 4,000 consumers, enhancing your analysis of how consumers choose to purchase insurance.
– Focus on specific consumer demographic segments, with the ability to filter results by age, gender, income group, and liquid assets held.

– What is the take-up of home emergency insurance and through which channels do consumers across different age and income groups prefer to purchase?
– Which providers were most often chosen by consumers when purchasing cover, and have they claimed on their policies?

Key Highlights
The What Consumers Want: Home Emergency dashboard offers data on the current level of take-up of home emergency insurance, what type of cover was bought, how it was purchased, from which provider, and whether a claim has been made on the policy.”


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