Wealth in Switzerland: HNW Customers

Date: 2015-11

Wealth in Switzerland: HNW Customers is based on our 2013 and 2014 Global Wealth Managers Surveys. The results of the survey are accompanied by best-practice case studies on how to target Swiss HNW individuals where applicable.

– Understand the major sources of HNW wealth in Switzerland and the industries from which it has been amassed.
– Interpret the investment portfolios of Swiss HNW individuals through detailed asset allocation analysis.
– Evaluate product and service demand among Swiss HNW individuals, from discretionary asset management to art advisory and philanthropy services.
– Analyze the best methods to capture new Swiss HNW clients and how best to maintain communication during the client relationship.

– How do Swiss HNW individuals amass their wealth?
– What investments make up an average Swiss HNW investment portfolio?
– Which wealth management products and services are in demand in Switzerland?
– How often do Swiss wealth managers contact their clients through email, social media, and face-to-face meetings?
– How do Swiss HNW individuals compare to their global peers?

Key Highlights
The majority of Swiss HNW clients have amassed wealth through first-generation entrepreneurism and business ownership. The leading industries from which they have amassed wealth are manufacturing and financial services. Expats represent a large proportion of the HNW population.

The Swiss HNW portfolio invests heavily into equities. With the exception of property, HNW individuals favor direct investments. Allocation into equities, property, and alternative investments is expected to increase, while demand for bonds and cash is expected to decrease over the next two years.

A relationship manager’s own contacts are the most common means for attracting new clients. Telephone and email represent the most important means of remote communication. A social media presence is not a high priority, as relationship managers believe that the channel is too public.”


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