Volumetric Display Market

Date: 2016-05

Volumetric Displays are visual display devices that form visual representation of three dimensional objects, in a transparent physical volume by generation, absorption, scattering of visible radiation from well-defined, localized and specific regions of coordinated axes within that volume. These are of two types swept volume and static volume.

Volumetric displays finds its application in oil and gas exploration and production by real-time visualization of 3-D fluid flow, security applications such as luggage visualization, pharmaceutical molecular modeling, interventional and diagnostic medical imaging. The utility of volumetric imaging in medical visualization has been studied in the field of external beam cancer treatment using the Perspecta display manufactured by Actuality Systems. Further developments are carried out in this field so that the technology can be more developed to carry out multiple and more complex applications at a cheaper cost for end user industries and thus escalate commercialization.

The volumetric display market can be segmented into three verticals: by components, by display, by application and by end user industry. The report contains detailed and in-depth analysis of the segmentation of the volumetric display market.

The prominent players of this market are:
3DIcon Corporation (U.S),
Lightspace Technologies, SIA (U.S),
Burton Inc. (Japan),
Holoxica Ltd.(U.K ),
Soscho GmbH(Germany),
Actuality Systems, Inc.(U.S) and a few more.

Major players manufacturing volumetric displays are profiled in the report with company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolios, recent developments and market shares.


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