UK Deposits and Savings Analytics

Date: 2015-11

UK Deposits and Savings Analytics is a definitive guide to the size of competing retail deposits vehicles in the UK. Products covered range from sight and time deposits, ISAs (both cash and stocks and shares), and National Savings and Investments.

– Assess the relative size and industry dynamics across each product, to identify key strategic areas for product development.
– Understand how the current economic climate impacts on the future growth of deposits and savings balances.
– Track your competition’s share of the deposits with our competitive data.

– How are product balances changing over time for each deposits and savings product?
– How much of the change in balances is due to net inflows and how much is due to market performance?
– Who are the largest retail deposit takers in the UK?
– Who are the leading ISA fund managers in the UK?

Key Highlights
Sight and time deposits dominate the UK market. They are expected to grow slowly however over the next 5 years as the fragile state of the economy, poor income growth, and low interest rates on savings accounts weigh on the market.

Cash ISA balances will remain on its steady growth path, with balances rising by an average of 8.3% per annum over the next 5 years as UK consumers continue to take advantage of this safe and tax-free savings vehicle.

The acquisition of HBOS by Lloyds TSB in September 2008 created the UK’s largest retail deposit taker, holding 26.7% of total retail deposits as of the end of 2012, an estimated increase of more than 1 percentage point since December 2011.”


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