Trend of China’s Pesticide Distribution

Date: 2015-05

“There is no doubt that E-business is the hottest word in 2014 and will be booming in the next few years in China’s pesticide industry. The Singles Day (Online sellers give a great discount in the name of comforting the single people in the day.) of Nongyi Net ( had pushed the pesticide E-business toward a climax. Then a robust discussion about pesticide distribution by pesticide industry media had been carried on.

In fact, great changes happened to Chinese pesticide distributors. In some areas, the number of distributors had declined by about at least 20% in the past few years. Some insiders even predicted that about 30%-50% distributors will disappear in the next three to five years. What is the reasons and what will be about the future?

Pesticide, as an agricultural material serving for agricultural production, its logistics was affected not only by market itself, but also by government policies and agriculture, rural areas and farmers’ development in China. The consolidation of Chinese pesticide industry, the reform of agricultural management, the Internet entrance into country, the shopping habit of farmers, and government policies like pesticide government procurement, all these are major factors that affected much on the big changes of China’s pesticide distribution channel, and had brought a big impact on the traditional one.

These tendencies won’t change in the next few years and the degree will be bigger. So the only thing that pesticide distributors should do is to change. All these factors are double-edged sword for Chinese pesticide distributors, though most of them had a hard time in the past few years. In the next few years, they will continue to facing serious competitions, and only those who seize the changes and change their management ways can survive. Besides, the role of distributors in pesticide logistics will also change much.

In this report, the traditional pesticide distribution channel had been detailed, with contents of distributor characteristics in various historic stages, structure and position of China’s pesticide distribution channel, etc. What’s more, the new characteristics in new period had been analyzed, including current situations, influencing factors and trends. The specific contents are as follows:
 Basic information of Chinese pesticide industry
– Development of pesticide industry in China
– Characteristics of pesticide industry in China
– Producer
– Distribution channels of pesticides in China
 Analysis on different distribution tiers in China
– Structure of distribution channel in China
– Position of different distributors in the whole distribution channel
 Development trend of China’s pesticide distributors
– Development trend
– Influencing factors for China’s pesticide distribution
 Specialized prevention and control of crop diseases and pests
 Pesticide government procurement
 Development of pesticide E-business


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